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With Writing Tool you can set your own goals and restrictions as you write. Sometimes it helps to get our creativity flowing by imposing constraints on ourselves. Like having only very limited space or time. Not being able to correct mistakes or not even seeing the text may sound not very beneficial, but some people say that knowing not to be able to edit typos instantly helps to focus more on the text or idea itself.

For people who want to improve their writing skills by writing every day, but have no idea what to write, I build in two simple features. One shows you a nice random picture (try to describe it). And the other feature shows you a random article from Wikipedia or Wiktionary (make sure to select what you want). If you want, Writing Tool annoys you every couple minute with another article.

Writing Tool isn't meant to be a word processor or a text editor. It's a simple tool for people who want to restrict and therefore challenge themselves. Or for people who just want to write completely free of any distraction.

If you care about privacy: I made sure that this site doesn’t use any external resources until you actively request them (wiki articles and random images).